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Her Supreme Royal Highness’s Videos Translate  perfectly as The Creator …My Father …energy and We The Creator…The Trinity living  on earth…Supreme Queen…One Supreme Body  One  Supreme Mind: The Creator’s Radiant Royal * Justice Policy Charters  *Trade Policy Charters  * Morals Policy Charters  * Economic Policy Charters  *  Security Policy Charters  * Soul Policy Charters * Liberty and Patriot Policy  Charters * Intersteller Space Policy Charters  *Economic Policy Charters to name just a few.These Divine Supreme Orders to you and Policies are communicated  in the topics in every video…simply ,watch, listen, utilize the language key, and logic.  Her Supreme Royal Highness’s Economic Policy Charters…are my Video Sales: You are issued Divine Supreme Orders…you are commanded to go back to school …buy a video.The Creator’s Radiant Royal financial bottom-line is critical to our business Kindom on Earth.The Creator’s Radiant Royal Honor Videos made by me as The Creator for The Creator —succcessfully merge Her Supreme Royal Highness human subjects needs to go back to school obligation goal with My business  obligations as The Creator My Father , collecting rent from humans and generating money,I earned that money as Jesus and we own.Specifically,from private property taken without proper compansation.The Videos and its easy innovative personalized service creates an ideal way to speak as The Creator, My Father as The Creator…The Trinity Commander In Chief. Its unequalled benefits and many communications satisfy utilizing my voice, as in the lie detector test I took, QUOTE, Question ” Has God The Creator asked you to represent Him with your voice?”   Answer”Yes”.  You gain the competive edge as subjects.  Education is required.  Spiritual warefare is real .  Good and evil ,the battle is  real.  The Creator’s Radiant Royal Justice Judgement  Policy  for each extraterrestrial  and terrestrial  lifeform and  for each solar and star system is fair and just.    Knee  Service  Master.

* 1_0151.avi Harp $29.95 54 minutes

* 0211.avi Channelers and Contactees…A Chat about Armageddon $49.95

* 0155.avi 3 Features 1. A Briefing On Seti 2.A Chat About Aliens 3.The Star Of Bethlehem…Babylon And The Magi $49.95 2.5 Hrs.

* 173.avi A UFO Discussion $39.95 1Hr.15M 42 Sec

* 0241.avi E.T’s On The Moon 2Hr 16 M 13 Sec $39.95

*0159avi The Best Lunar Evidence Chat…Life On The Moon and Mining…Ancient and Current Operations..The Moon Towed Into Orbit Chat $49.95 2Hrs 30Mins

*0163.avi Many Subjects: 1.Spiritual Warfare2.The Shroud Of Turin (I AM) 3.UFO Chat 4. The Supernatural…Religious Chat $49.95 3 HRS 15 Mins

*1_0169.avi 2 Topics 1. Me…The Creator The Father And Daughter Ressurection Discussion With Paranormal Investigators. Life After Death. $39.95 1Hr 37 Mins 28 Sec.

*2_0178.avi 2 Versions 1 Feature The Multiverse and Parrallel Worlds $49.95 3 Hrs

*0187.avi The Bible Code Chat $49.95 1Hr 55 Mins 30 Sec

*0191.avi The Ancient Bible Chat $49.95 2 HRS 50 Mins

*0195.avi The Navel Maritime Chat 35Mins $19.95

* 1_0201.avi The Paranormal Chat…What Happens When You Die Subjects $49.95 1 HR

*0207.avi Noahs Ark… Old And New $29.95 53 Mins

*0017.avi Hopi Elders The Blue Star Prophecy $49.95 2Hrs

*0069.avi Special Christmas (I AM) Eve Chat … The Universal Creation Astrophysists Chat $29.95 2 Hrs

*0215.avi The UFO Chat II $39.95 1Hr 50 Mins 55 Sec

*0225.avi 2 Features 1. The Binary Star System…Niburu 2. Ghosts Of The White House $49.95 2Hrs 33 Mins 31Sec

*0229.avi Many Features 1.MJ12 The New Mexico Crash and E.T.’s Astronaut Simulator Chat $49.95 1Hr 51 Mins 32 Sec

*0233.avi The Afterlife and Channeling $39.95 2 Hr

*0255.avi An Array Of Topics:Mayan Predictors…Earth Chat $39.95 2 Hrs.

*0263.avi A Really Firey Chat With A Physist … $39.95 2 Hrs.

*2_0250.avi The Space Disclosure Chat $29.95 2 Hrs.

*0259.avi X- Flares $29.95 2 Hrs.

*0245.avi Me …The Creator And The U.N. V.S. E.T.’s …Charters V.S. The Federation …And The Mortgage Situation.$39.952 Hrs.

*0267.avi Comets And Astroids And Earths Power Grids $29.95.

* 0237.AVI Space Disclosure…A Bible Chat With Science 2 Hrs 59 Mins 19 Sec. $49.95