The Creator’s Radiant Royal

Her Supreme Royal Highness’s

Her Supreme Royal Highness’s Donations


Your Supreme Royal Highnesse’s  Religious and  Superior  Technilogical Hand is reaching out to you. We at  The Creator’s Radiant Royal Supreme Infinity Holy Family Church while physically alive on  The Royal Family’s Planet Earth are committed to our strict “Radiant  Royal Show Of Force Service ” principles .    Our ambition is to apply that absolute fair strictness business to our subjects—- by successfully merging our Supreme Privledged Station health and privledged  business needs with business goals globally forever and ever.   The  donations from you are business. You will be blessed  and recoginized by me The Creator. You may then eat my food and drink my water.You  are  still issued Divine Supreme Orders : Buy a video from me.      Question  “Has God The Creator told you to tell the world “The Father Has Spoken”?  Answer “Yes”  Has God The Creator asked you to represent him with your voice? Answer  “Yes”  Has God The Creator told you that you are Royalty and That He is King and You are Queen?   Answer  ”Yes”  You are to go to school.


Special addendom from me to my subjects that help me…I will take the money and retire My Father to a Christmas house  on a lake with a river , our meadow  spruce and pine trees, our  lawn, our food and our water,our manger creatures and health. He will rather enjoy our fresh air and manger creatures and health for however  long we physically have on our planet. 10 years has been stolen from us and now my oceans are toxic and dying a my whales, my dolphins, and many other things. The Holy Family and a broken heart regret mans free will choices. Knee