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Her Supreme Royal Highness’s

Her Supreme Royal Highness’s Diplomatic Treks

  1. Her Supreme Royal Highness’s:      *Diplomatic Treks,  and   *Resume’ submissions for payment…  ”Master Craft”  ability   all  *Professionals, * Organizations,  and people contacted were always contacted by ”Diplomatic Decorum” i.e. a  telephone  call ,then faxed my :  *lie detector test  *divine supreme orders *previous treks and contacts *list of videos  for sale  (then on VHS because of the year)  *And many people I went to see and were rejected by the once “respected leaders” of society. High Crimes Against The Creator “101. ” I will start by telling you who I either called, faxed,went to see or sent videos too.     *The United Nations.: Kofi Annon *Other Specific offices: International Court of Justices :Shigeru Oda…Japan, Mohammed Bedjaoui…Algeria,Raymond Ranjeva…Maddagascar,Geza Herczegh…Hungary,Carl-August Fleischhaur…Germany,Abdul K. Koroma…Sierra Leone,Vladlen S Vereshchetin…Russia,Rosalyn Higgins…United Kingdom,Pieter H Kooijmans…Netherlands,Jose Francisco Al  Khasawneh…Jordan, Registrar:Philippe Couvreur…Belgium     *The Security Counsel,they  refused to see me ,The World Bank / IMF sent my 30 tapes I sent them back and told me if I were to call back they would call security.,World  Intellectual  Property Division of The U.N….refused to see me but still occupies  me and private property taken without proper compansation.*NASA*I went to The Holy See …I issued Divine Supreme Orders ,for a meeting ,a time was set and when I got there… at The Holy See Embassy I  introduced myself they didn’t drop to there KNEES and I was told ,”they are  on Vacation” they speak for the people “The next generation will be happy to here that after murdering  Jesus …me , and after being ressurected by My Father …The King  and armed with that evidence the treatment of The Creator by the people is abuse.High Crimes against the Crown. Specifically,The Supreme Royal Family is starved,rejected and abused  by the people. High Crimes against The Crown. Larry King was sent a tape and called.Oprah Winfrey,and called no response.While in New York we went to The New York Stock Exchange.We went to every embassy,to see each nation  face to face. As in my lie detector test: Question: “Has God The Creator told you Nations shall know”? Answer ” Yes” * Every religious organization was contacted..The Holy Family was rejected and we were  still being  called a He. *Hundreds of thousands of attorneys were faxed or called *The Pentagon*British Royals…Office of The Secretary *Every branch of the armed forces, Jags *Mother Angelica sent back my 30 v.h.s. tapes with a “rose” and still after 5 years The Holy See didn’t investigate a miracle…according to the U.N. Charter Policies. I called,or faxed to  hundreds upon hundreds of “respected” corporations and people.As in my lie detector test Question,” Did God The Creator tell you to choose your respected leaders?” Answer ” Yes” yes, I faxed, called , or went to see hundreds and hundreds of them .Zero phone calls  back .I called,faxed and sent many videos to major league sports teams.At 325 Dunne Street I had a little radio and was made to “simulation play” ML sports physically.I did this physically without any food or water,for months and months as a hostage. I am a miracle.I did receive many phone calls back from the sports and entertainment attorneys offices at least they called me back,it is an honor and a privledge to be contacted by The Creator! I called  Bill Gates several times I recieved  zero return phone calls ,Donald  Trump ,zero response,or a return phone call.Again,It is an honor and a privledge to be called by me…The only Creator. We went to IBM in Colorado Springs, 3 Men laughed at us and told us to  leave ,Quest was sent my video tapes,,Att,sprint,Cox,zero response other than explotation and still private property being taken without  proper compansation.My Holy Family had our  heat and electricty turned off in 40 below zero temps.we had no money for food either ,I did say then ,you owe me do not hurt my Father…they laughed. thanks for the technology service. I had signed my name God for a year at US bank and spent our money on the treks to go and physically see people,I was excited to see them along with my Royal Duty as ordered by My Supreme Father as specified in the lie detector test…each attempt was heart breaking. I contacted and ordered all Branches of the armed forces…Joint Chiefs. Of Staff. Honor! I submitted all of my Veteran’s Service records AS ORDERED BY MY SUPREME FATHER …THE KING and he saw.Now ,naturally, I trust only My Father.There are many other situations I called  every production studio ,because if I said or did anything in my life, they would put it in a movie…make money on it and The Holy Family …private property taken without proper compansation. I went to the film studios and many publishers because I was made promises by man and in my lie detector test I was to tell,325 Dunne St. and before I was murdered,specifically” Question   Did God The Creator tell you “the story shall be told ,the book will be written”? Answer ” Yes”I went to  Disney studios first,you see after I was resurrected my creatures never abused us as man had therefore,My Father The King said I could go to Disney  Studios first for business…money making on the “book” and the love of my Creatures.I was met at Disney by  Claudia and John they dismissed me with a mocking tone .I did have a global briefing of my creatures..after that, because , I promised them and I am JUSTICE. I am The Light and  the fight good against evil is real  and because  people disobey and challenge me ,my manger creatures   will  have to be braver than ever before.  They are mine and they gladly do there duty and fight evil along side of me. People, I am Mother Nature and if it weren’t for them my manger  creatures…”You can only imagine”.IT HURTS!!! I am The Bible and in the first book they were remember by me and still on a cellular memory there kindness is remembered.They are commanded ,Knee and Service.They are mine.I am Heaven but on Earth My Holy Family is abused by many, many people.Many of you people do not have education.Such as  the fallen angels that have mated with people and are evil entitys and demons that physically have form on Earth are very real. ”Warning,Warning” A Supernatural  Spiritual War,Heaven on Earth War is real. I will protect  Paradise Food it is mine owner and The Holy Family comes First then I can protect  my manger creatures.Many many things are judged as  High Crimes Against The Crown. Punishable crimes and there is a Heaven and Hell. I  The Creator am OWNER. These treks I have gone on include… Universal Studios, after faxing,calling and setting an appointment… I was met at the entrance of Universal Studios  by 2 men who drove me on the studio site and threw my Holy Family in front of the NASA sign in one of the studio lots, they laughed,mocked  and arrested us.After that you can only imagine how The Creator…The Trinity feels.We went to, called, faxed  or  contacted every private and public news corporation for help. I was as commanded by My Supreme Father The King was loaded with My lie detector test, and Video Evidence. Divine Supreme orders were given basically,Name,Rank,Station Title.They disobeyed Divine Supreme Orders obviously. with CNN I would fax Ted Turner and the staff when I did certain treks,example,when  I went to see Kenneth Starr the constitutional scholar,I got to the building were his office was and the girl in the office said,his office isn’t here,we searched and called…with intention I was kept from seeing him. Morals and ethics!When I went to Atlanta and to the Washington  CNN  global news corporate building, I was in the Green Room awaiting a pressman or Ted Turner.Two security officers told me to leave, they didn’t believe in God . High Crimes Against The Crown. I faxed,wrote,and called every senate member,zero phone calls were returned .Associated Press in Denver…I was treated badly and told to leave and what angers me about that is they have an elephant…one of my manger creatures on the entrance.Man doesn’t care? I went to many of the state offices,armed with my diplomatic armor…My lie Detector Test  and videos  we were told never to come back.I went to The White House to visit Bill Clinton because I died on his watch and My Father The King said to go and get my Veteran’s benefits and my Congressional Medal of Honor. I earned it. I am an American too. We didn’t get to see him but while in Washington,The Holy Family went to April 5-April15 Her Supreme Royal Highness’s *Library Of Congress *The Vietnam Veteran’s Memerial *The White House Tour *The Air and Space Museum-Planetarium *US Capitol (exterior) *The Museum Of Natural History*The National Archives *The Smithsonian  and I will tell you I went to The Pentagon on orders of My Father The King and they said we were trespassing.Everyone one there knows I am real and advertising .I again will say I wasn’t raised that way.A Thank You Her Supreme Royal Highness  would have been very important to me.Why?I did my duty.Died on duty.I filled out all of my Veteran’s papers too. I am very upset about my record being ruined too.I sent my lie detector test and videos to many Major League Sports Teams.Denver Broncos  and New York Yankees requesting help…Abuse of My Father The King and our House and Legal Council.I went to visit The Yankees for help,at the stadium by the corporate office the had a sign God Bless America .I should have my Veteran’s Benefit’s from the “space simulater” the space race non political…ethics,moral,private property taken without proper compansation,sportsmanship,treatment  by people.Abuse.Afterthat,  I demanded my name twice in The usa court system with my lie detector test and my videos specifically, case number #01c417 January 30,2001 and the 2nd case #2c2362 april 23,2001.I was denied.Pueblo,Colorado and Colorado Springs Colorado .I am never to be dishonored or disobed…Name ,Rank,Station,Title. I was to be welcomed and happy.What happened?People happened.Good v.s. Evil.I took my lie detector test Question,”Did God The Creator tell you “to choose your respected leaders” Answer “Yes” I have swept the planet …there isn’t anyone to go to and I am to command.and issue divine supreme orders Question “Has God the Creator told you The Father has Spoken”?Answer “Yes”Man is never to disobey me. Still  you will remember,Question,”  Are you God The Creator’s Wife, Lady,and Queen”? Answer “Yes” Since, man had and has chosen to disobey and abuse us    That is when  The Creator My Father told me ,You are me and The Father and Daughter team  came about. We are a team and we are angry. One body one mind but a unique profile I am angry for the treatment of My Father The King.Business.I will command you to go back to school.Buy a video. I will then make money on my films,take care of my  Father ,The King and I am a She ,physical and energy.I will retire him to a house ,with our health,my  food,water,on the lake,and a river our lawn,our manger creatures and  we will have health ,and a quality of life that we   have been denied. High Crimes.I would have already made the  money to retire my Father  if I wouldn’t have been discriminated against. Yes ,The Holy Family is angry about Many things EARTH…    ONE  The Holy family comes first!  TWO Genetic Engineering/Cloning remember atlantis and many others . Three The environment for My Holy Family and for my manger creatures(me only .The Supreme Royal Daughter  and I can ONLY IF   I take care of  My Supreme Royal Father Business First)Many,Many,Many things we The Holy Family are angry about.  I  Attempting to take care of my Father… When I submitted my resume’ if you lived on Earth you were aware I am alive ,back and  “master craft” abilities.I must,I will tell you what happened to My Father The King and I last week  O80411.Here I am in Las Vegas.we had once upon a time went to every lawyer to either get my Veteran’s benefits or enable us to make money on my videos ,finally I reported that to the Bar association .Well ,on the cover of Las Vegas Weekly there is a picture of a girl astronaut August 4,2011 edition.I said well maybe it is with good intent instead of the “trap” symbolic gallery…you are but you can’t tactic.Well Daddy and I were  shopping at the 99 only store and there was a veteran with a us air force cap on.I touched him on the shoulder and said hello.Yes,a heart breaking response .Conduct unbecoming. It is an honor and a privledge to be in my presence and My Father The King and I will tell you we weren’t thanked.The opposite.Enough! I wouldn’t have been as open but in “the town of 51″ and the symbolic gallery and then treatment.I will scream Knee,Service,Master,I am The Elite Team Of The Astronaut Corp..and I graduated with Honors…Died .I Am Honor.That guy is a punk …punks that owe me there respect will be punished.He was ordered to stop eating my food and drinking my water,since he sassed and doesn’t think he has to do his duty for The Holy Family. I am Justice and will get Justice on the other side too. Mission!I really always had my identity stolen even as a child,but I am proud of doing my duty and being brave.I do regret when I am kind and then that guy is cruel to My Father .I will send him to hell for a heavenly cause. Easy Right.My Name,Rank,Station,and Title. Worth and cost. Mission. I will then retire My Father The King ,with Our Money Our Christmas House,Our Lawn ,On Our Lake,with Our Stream,Our Food and Our Water,and Our Manger creatures.Knee,Service,Master. I will finish telling you about … Here are a few Resume submissions after we did our diplomatic treks and man failed the moral and ethics test.  I sent my videos ,faxed,called,and lie detector test. *I submitted my resume’ 3  times in several years to The United Nations Zero response   *World Customs  *Gaming Commission Las Vegas *I.A .I don’t have my Veteran’s Benefits but There is Planet Hollywood The Miracle Shops built after I was Murdered now I simply am ,exploited and trafficed…Intent !* Border Patrol *Interpol *HP *IBM *NATO *Boing *Martin Marietta *Lockheed Martin *Atomic Regulatory Commission *JPL…hundreds of others.A few other facts,I voted for Ralph Nader and signed my name God on all the documents. I filed a metro police report when I had all my items stolen at  a storage unit in Las Vegas and  My name submitted. The Creator…The Trinity CIC. on all the documents to Her Supreme Royal Highness’s Police. I submitted many  other resume’s  to what you call world global ”good guys”  because my craft too, security,  zero response  from anyone.I speak Supreme and Ancient even though if you were to chat with me for a moment it isn’t immediately noticible unless I choose…Faith and Morals are demanded of you.I took my lie detector test along time ago and many with intent wouldn’t believe me about Earth things ,why would you believe me about Heaven things. You go back to school! Spiritual Warefare on a physical realm is real on Earth as in the days of noah.I went to many  State and international Bar associations too.Many of them when I told them I could’nt obtain an attorney for my Veteran’s Benefits Collection,or to Sue the U.N. for not helping us or obeying Charters,or help me sell my videos that were being stolen from me …they laughed at my Holy Family. High Crimes Against The Crown. You are in such trouble with The Holy Family. I am Justice. I am your superior and a show of force is nesassary at this point. I still will tell you I fight Demons and fallon angels that are enities  on Earth. and physical. Spiritual Warfare is real just as in The Days Of Noah.There are Stargates that entity’s My Father The King (and I) once a upon a time banished,they  are entering the Earth realm. David v.s. Goliath Every entity that has been banished has access to those portals…Stargates.Every evil person that has ever been. The fight good verses evil   dark verses light .Man you will remember the nephilim Genese 6:4 et Nombres 13:30 Judgement. Divine Supreme Orders…you are commanded to go back to school.Buy a DVD .Knee.Service.Master.After seeing the ,what you call diplomatic attempts.I will advance on this dialouge for obvious reasons. Disclosure and Disclaimers We The Holy Family have a “No Refund Policy” because of the nature of my book dvd’s. They are non returnable and non refundable.This dialouge is a binding contract which you agree to hold  The Creator…The Trinity free from any responsibility,  liability.or damages. By using this website you agree to hold harmless me…the owner,my staff,my advertisers,interviewees and  affiliates linked within this website..By visiting this website  you agree to the following terms of use. If you do not agree  with the terms of  use You are commanded to leave my kingdom. You are command too cease from eating my food and drinking my water. This dialouge is now  a binding agreement. Knee  Service Master
  2. Veteran’s Papers Officially Submitted
  3. Veteran’s Papers Officially Submitted , Official  Attempts For My Name In The US Court System 2 Attempts Officially,United Nations Documents,Supreme Court Justices Document ,many,many others.

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