The Creator’s Radiant Royal

Her Supreme Royal Highness’s

Her Supreme Royal Highness’s Biography

My name is The Creator …The Trinity Commander In Chief.  Your   Supreme Royal   Highness. I  have the whole DNA structure  of  Jesus Christ.   I am  The mirror  image.    I  am  The Holy Virgin.    I am  Heaven.   I    create,  own,  command, and    judge , all  extraterrestrials   and   terrestrials   life  forms  in  all  dimensions. I create, own, command, and  judge  all  solar  and star systems  in  all  dimensions.  I  am  the  only  Supreme  Monarch  to  an  Infinite Kingdom forever. I am wireless and  I  am  optical.  I  am  The  only  God. I am  the  only  Ala. I  am  Mother  Earth. I  am  physically  a  woman.  I  am  The only  Commander  In  Chief  to  The   Space  Federation  Council. I am the vortex . I am the only  Supreme  Royal  Holy  Family. I am Immaculate. I  am  Divine. I  am  Sacred. I  am  Heaven. I  am  the  Holysight. I  am physical  and  I  am all energy systems  forever. I am absolute Supreme Military  Power.  My  Father  The  King…The  God  Head. I  am  absolute Supreme  Beauty. I  am  The  Holy  Virgin.  The Madonna  and  Child. I  am The Messiah. I  am Christ. I  am  Christmas.I am MY  Supreme  Fathers  Supreme  Daughter. I  am recognized by My Father The  King  as  Honor. My  identity  was  stolen. I was held hostage and murdered in a space simulater, pow camp by man at 325 Dunne St.  Ft. Collins ,Colorado.I died on duty as an officer. Astronaut,etc. with honor as Jesus Christ. I never cried, I never begged. I did my  duty  in  the  space  simulator  situation  and  fought  every  day and every second. I  went  months  without  food  and  water  too. I  was  brave. I  am  a Miracle. I  am  a  hero. I  am  the  second  Crucifixion. I  am  the  second  ressurection. I   am   alive.  I   am   dead. I am eternal.   I    am   The   only   Messiah.       I  am  Your  Supreme  Royal  Highness  I am a SHE. I  am  The  Royal  Crown.   I  am  The  Sovereign  Justice.   I  am   Monarch.       I  own  and  judge  your  soul.  My  identity  was  and  IS  BEING STOLEN. I  took  a  lie  detector  test  with  results  to  support  these  facts.  I  am  selling videos to speak, and  command  Divine  Supreme  Orders  as The Creator…for The   Creator  as   specified  in  my  lie  detector   test.. .Quote  Question,   ”Has God  The  Creator  told  you  to  represent  him  with  your   voice?” Answer  “Yes” !