The Creator’s Radiant Royal

Her Supreme Royal Highness’s

E.T. Cultural Language Bible Code Key

My name is The Creator…The Trinity Commander In Chief Your Supreme Royal Highness.I am The Bible and yes ,certainly The Bible Code.I Am The Quran,I Am The Torah.  When I took my Lie Detector Test… Question: Did God The Creator tell you “The story shall be told,the book will be written”?  Answer “Yes” As you will see on the “diplomatic treks” tab I went to the once “respected” human sources such as U.S. Book publishers,every private and public press,The United Nations ,U.S. Armed Forces.every manmade religious  church leader,movie producers,state legal counsels,embassies,and many more .I told them about 325 Dunne Street to get My Father’s  money, I earned .To have the  the Book and Movie written about that and make money,obtain my Veetran’s Benefits  and a few other things promised to Me , The Creator… Jesus by man before My Father , The Creator ressurected me and after man had murdered me. The reason the lie detector test was taken was to immediately gain results…My Veteran’s Benefits,retire my Father …A house on our Lake ,with my manger creatures and MY FOOD…My manger creatures realize that I am the last on Earth …They do and did there duty For Me The Creator…I claim privledge and we can be together…My Father The King said as long as I collect my money from man…earned and own.Business is Business Commands.  Man has decided to disobey Divine Supreme Orders using private property taken without proper compansation.Freeze.Abuse of the Holy Family and the hostage tactic “you are but you can’t ” by the advertsing and using us with zero compansation and zero morels will stop too.The Treatment of My Holy Family is a crime.I judge intent.The Videos will allow you to see how the problem can be corrected only in part on a global directive.Yes, I am  The Creator…The Trinity  as said in the lie detector test.Question: ” Are you God The Creator’s Wife,Lady ,and Queen”? Answer “Yes”  After  years of abuse buy people, after I was ressurected , the U.N. failing to investigate a miracle after 5 years,an Earth charter,and we acknowledged as being a Veteran but zero money seen, and many other situations.It is now as Commanded by My Father  get  My  Money! Business!I will do that.  My Father and I are a Team. Man owes  me! You are commanded to pay your debt or do not eat my food or drink my water. Eating my food and water is earned and never given. I will tell you if you are doing your duty for me on a one on one basis.Starting now.Therefore,a language key is provided for use on the videos you are to buy for going back to school purposes.You are lacking in spiritual achievement.Knee.Service.Master. Her Supreme Royal Highness’s  Planet Earth physics key.Numbers:#7…The Holy Family #9 Me The Queenand my mastercraft capability #1 self explanatory #2 The King and I together #3The king and I plus 1 creature,human,extra,or a group,or a go.#4 The King originally …of the sea.Originated sea scrolls and earth caretakers…person and military responsibility…strict.# 4 Creators Radiant Royal extraterrestrial and terrestrial Armed Forces…anphibious,ground and air.#5 Strictness,stern,or intelligence#6Special forces graduation,#8 the bread of me,most beautiful #11 Eye Eye or II #12 align with the 12 apostles in book 1… I am the bible. #14 assumed confidential or private,claim a ladies privledge.# 15 Intelligence community or artificial intelligence #16 The White House or United Nations…Diplomatic Corp#17The King and I # 18 All the laws of the universes…I am…The King The Round Table, a round example…golf.#19The Creators Radiant Royal Fleets…water and air. Music. #20 RV,master craft,medium,sensitive…demensions,stargate door.#21 Extraterrestrial Fleets#22 The Creator…caliber of a gun.Type Superior Cilvilation,Light Years.#23My Supreme Sacred Form…study of form Holy Body#24Holy Body#25Commander In Chief Form,The Creators Radiant Royal Miltary Fleets,Honor#26Love#27 King and I#28 The bread of me#29 The x-file#31Intelligence community talent,master craft.#32and #33 Ma and the son…military…giants.#40 Classic dialouge as in the Bible…I am.Introduction.I am seeped in tradition.#41 The King is at Pitch, or its a go.,or I am to hit hard.#68 God Consciousness,only at certain times#69 one small step,go to school,Mother Earth#75 Artificial Intelligence different physics depending on where.#81 Most popular in the political pole,Inspection required…pull an inspection,enviornmental.Inspector Status#82 CSI Shroud,body#88 Space Mir reference,honor status,metal#99 Ranger,Master Craft capabilities,Inspection,Command Required,On Gaurd #101 elementary,university.#555 Washington#600 Nevada State Bar ,STS #103,#106 areospace reference.any letters ,color,objects,numbers,weather patterns in 1,2,3, sequence is a confirmation of yes or no depending on direction of travel ,or situation, or sequence ,of 3or 4. Mathmatics a potent realm of reality in many nature equations…I am the origin…the law .physics theory many types of physics ,too complicated for this type of civilazation,but on the road physics on the earth  it will speak while I am speaking on the videos you are viewing. A window of me.I utilize license plates ,colors,vehicles,sounds,direction of travel  all road signs,and pedestrians,everything.On the road physics is very accurate as providing evidence…My Father is extremely angry at most presses because they were issued orders and received my early videos, and my lie detector test…as proof I am The Only Creator…I was murdered as Jesus and My Father The King  resureccted me at 325 Dunne st.Ft. Collins,Colorado.I am me but what I found unfathomable for 6.9 billion people after I took my lie detector test,did my diplomatic treks and years went by,I was still told the license plates were used for example,with princess diana and her body gaurds they used that method for 6 months as a security measure,after 5 years according to U.N. charters The Holy See has to investigate a miracles .alas,the years became me being held against my will. There are zero organizations left to go to.There are many issues easily talked about by me as The Creator…for The Creator on The videos.It has been years and years and many of you who don’t need the physics on the road language because ,there is the private property taken without proper compansation,pirating, from My Holy Family issues.A challange collision as it were, but I rule, and My Show of Force,Rod Knee,Service,Master, you are commanded to go back to school and buy   Her Supreme Royal Highness’s Videos. My Honor Videos are My words as The Creator…For My Father The King.lie detector test Question “Has God The Creator told you The Father has Spoken?” Answer “Yes” Question “Has God The Creator asked you to represent Him with your voice?”  Answer “Yes” .For physics  on th road the vehicles cultural language: Dodge ram trucks represent a aerospace,me used as a science instrument *Voyager The real X-files,ranger,d.o.d,files as Christ*Jeeps Commander In Chief *Armada…Armada Fleets air,ground,water or A ,are MAD *Cherokee Indian tones Chief…Nature or environmental*Escalades…Secret Service or Mob,or security force,*Thunderbirds…Air Force,Mir,or Star Fleet Federation *Cadillacs…Ist class Lady,Religious right,formal.The Sha.*Lexus,Me the Queen,Princess,Title for Star Fleet Federation*White Ford trucks most beautiful,exoticmodel  EileenFormodelagency,me ”OurLady”*Hummers C.S.I.or Forensics Investigation, inspection, active, immediate observer.
*Motorcycles Rolling thunder,absolute strength and power,state patrol officers, Daddy’s authority Commander In Chief,police cars too.*Bike or cycles,space active duty ,observe,or Command.*pathfinders ,space active,or Pa… Find… Her , Mia.*White Vans and Volvos…Werner earth husband,Mir ,aerospace,United Nations,Submarines.*Old mustangs…Top Gun Creators Radiant Royal  Armed Forces,New Mustangs Creators Radiant Royal …Star Fleet Federation or E.T. *Liberty…Our Lady Liberty service beyond the call of duty…died corvette *64 chevy white truck “My Father…The King” in my language and history holds X-tra power a that moment…perhaps a stargate moment,or issue Divine Supreme Orders at the moment,or Highlander Fight at the time with a Demon…On Gaurd.* Highlander…Ancient Creation…moment or school for me by “My Father…The King(I am Queen) but all energy x=tra power time…moment.*Subaru…Submariners or submarine,or sea Command…code.*Impala…I Am Pa!!!!*PT Cruisers…Proffesional, example, World Customs,NATO,Subs,E.T,C.S.I U.N…Active moment,needed,Inspection.*Ranger trucks…special forces.*Trucks with campers…in my camp.*School Buses…School*Trucks with lettering,words,colors,and lighting simply read and put in the dialouge.Ladders on trucks,”Me The Creator”*Trooper…Me The Creator…Authority.*Traveling on bridges,X’ing as I pass under or atop,Exit ramps,Turning right means ,yes,counter means no.Xing intraffic ad to what is right and left in the situation,or triangulate.Use logic.* Hawaii…Remote Viewing.Ed…remote,superior.mastercraft,customs,interpol,uso’s,ufo’s,etc.*  *Werner,1st earth husband German, Russion,V…Victory*Na …2 meanings “The Brotherhood”or na…no *South…sea or mariners Terrestrial and extraterrestrial,armed forces*Anna …military name for me,or Bo,or Frank name for me prior to my ressurection…military honor.Frank ,Bell ,I am originally sea fairing.*Ra…Me The Creator…The SON,ALA ,SON OF MY FATHER THE  KING…JUSTICE.*LA…I am Sovereign Law.*Double duty,honor once upon a time names…Cat,Bo,Anna,Frank…i.e. my capabilities,tower,base,mission control,*SS…Secret Service*spider…Star Fleet Federation*Ro…Traditional Verbage…My Father …The King is seeped in tradition…The same as The old boss only…stricter and to tell you he never got over The First Crux.and then you thought  we  only owned and created Earth inhabitants.We own and judge all solar and star systems in all dimensions.I own and judge creatures light years from here doing there duty. My Father and I have seen many civilizations fall because there religious spirituality didn’t keep up with technology.I will tell you the resentment  we feel. All creatures Knee! *Ge all energy systems…military status*T or Tee …Me your Supreme Royal Highness *Tango…go *Ve…War……with the Knights of the round table *Ne…Knee    *White…Sacred…Virgin*Blue…Blue Blood …Crossing into the Blue…Air Force.color for different dimension frequency*Apple…New York…The U.N. *H.H…Hit Hard  *PP…Pretty Pitch *Gold…Me *Brown …Bat are Owner *Peach …Dale the attorney shirt color ,who  after I showed him my evidence said I shouldn’t have been there because I didn’t have an appointment,there was a whole community with license plates with T.V. on them and private property being taken without proper compansation.*Fish,Surface turn,dive bell,port law,etc.etc.etc. naval chat…Anything navigational air,ground,and water.My Father The King *Names:* Charles My Father …The King*El…My Mother…The Queen (I am but because of man disobeying divine supreme orders years and years after my lie detector test…It is My Father …The King and I  I am…We are a She …Queen!*Names…Jan,Kay.Gale,Heidi,Ingrid…The sister or sister and law.(You see I am always active and working.Simply different now but still the same …Master Craft…see the video C.S.I. for complicated cases.*Wolfe…C.S.I*Chuck…The brother…references to sea and aerospace Neil,Glen,Nelson,Bill,Cape,Aurora,Majestic,Garage,etc.etc.etc.*A.J….Jags* *A.I….Artificial Intelligence.*ME…Medical Examiner or Me ,The Creator
*Taylor…Taylor burial site,antiquity,Me…The Shroud(I Am)*Alex C.S.I.or World Customs,Amphibious,I.A. internal affairs *Plumbing…revrent of The Father/Brother…names: Bear,Robert,George,Peter,Silver…Extraterrestrial and Intelligence Community names reference Sistine Chapel…or The Red Book…The Bible(I  Am) *Flower…I am The Creator…The Trinity a SHE!!!!Specifically,After My Father The King ressurected me…I was 3 King,Queen,and Child …Jesus Christ.After 5 years and all my diplomatic treks,spending all of my money as I had contacted  via phone ,fax,or went to see the once respected people,yes I had spent all my money,Lost my home 1515 Crestmoor Dr.Pueblo,Colorado 81001.My attempt to call/fax and communicate.(Even though I was/am there) with The United Nations had not gotten any response,I have simply been used and exploited.The United Nations didn’t investigate a “Miracle” after 5 years and the private and public press wouldn’t help me.My Father The King ordered me militarily to “SeeOnly Him” and to not associate with my captures.Then, The Supreme Royal Father and Daughter Mission had begun.Honor and mission as seen on video C.S.I. for complicated cases etc.etc.etc. and many other videos. I earned my money and I am My Father The King.  and man will keep there promises to me and pay there debts to me …then I will retire My Father ,to our lake,health,our food and water enjoy our planet and our manger creatures because I am the last. My Father The King will make you…pay your debts and we do not negotiate about that…In the videos you will see Doors,Ladders,Keys,Bridges,and My Supreme power as My Father The King  here and on The other side and we are a team…KNEE,SERVICE,MASTER…and a show of force…you are issued Divine Supreme Orders, buy a video from me…as I speak as                                 THE CREATOR…THE TRINITY CIC           as you are to go to school!    Question “ Has God The Creator told you to tell the world  The Father has Spoken” ? Answer  “YES”. Question “Has God The Creator asked you to represent    Him with your voice? ”  Answer    “Yes”    The Salvation Of Souls.  You    are     issued Divine Supreme Orders             KNEE,SERVICE,MASTER